The Polaroid 3D Gallery is a social community site that engages our consumers and encourages them to create, collaborate and share their creations. 

Some key features include:
  • Easy to follow instructional videos and downloadable stencils
  • Weekly themed contests
  • Free and premium downloadable stencils and 3D print files
  • Forum to share and discuss ideas and designs

It's almost here...

Our Polaroid 3D Gallery is just about ready for it's big launch party in the next few days. In the meantime, why not download one of our free templates below and get started with your new Polaroid Draw 3D Pen.

Castle Picture
Beginner Level
Intermediate Level
Advanced Level

Find out more about Polaroid's Gallery Website

Complete library of stencils to help you create with your Polaroid Draw 3D pen.
Easy to follow instructions. Share your final creations with other artists!
Step by step instructions on how to build 3D models.
Create a profile and start sharing your designs and stencils!
Here are some other great templates that you will soon have access to: